Mushroom Matrix Fit Matrix Drink Powder,500-Grams

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Fit matrix -train. Perform. Recover. Certified 100% medicinal mushroom formula featuring cordyceps, reishi and five other species provides extra energy for your workout or for your day. Cordyceps has been researched for its ability to increase ATP production- your body’s natural energy currently. Cordyceps is also known to help increase oxygen delivery- more oxygen in your muscles means you can train longer, and at higher intensities. Super antioxidant l’ergothionine helps eliminate free radicals caused by strenuous exercise so you recover faster. Powerful beta glucans found in medicinal mushrooms help primes your immune system to be battle ready. Fit matrix also has high levels of vegan vitamin d. Fit matrix’s medicinal mushroom complex is a whole, raw, gluten-free food, with an array of vitamins, minerals and enzymes in a balance designed by nature. 500 grams jar.Super human results